Monday, February 26, 2007

Jake said I dont post enough

The title sums it up. I have a third of a bottle of rum in me due to my car analy raping me twice (three times if you count my car being on top of a snow bank, and being pushed out by some very friendly immigrants) today, and then this guy says "You dont update your blog enough.
This is jake:

If a guy like this says "update your blog man", DO IT! This gangsta is like 22 years old, and has biceps the size of a Nissan.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wobi Onn Enkobi

Your favorite character Wobi Onn Enkobi from the hit movie Wtar Sars photographed on Ilford HP5 on the UDCAV. With false color.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Urban Photography

From January 16th to the 26th, me and some of my photo peers from school will be having a show at the Milwaukee city hall rotunda, with work by legendary Adam Longbons, and several of my own photographs developed in human urine and drain cleaner. The reception is on January 19th from 5-8pm.

This image is of the Milwaukee Center, developed in (borrowed) urine, and Red Devil Lye.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Help Complete the UDCAV!

The UDCAV needs more things. I already want to add a vectorscope, but i need to add more, things that are practical, but not REALLY practical. Ive been thinking of things like the video overlay thingies on this website
But I'm not sure, anybody feel like scouring some back issues of Make for some ideas?


The UDCAV, the unwieldy device for capturing analog video is complete! Constructed of the finest garbage scavenged from only the best dumpsters, combined with some of the finest consumer electronics that Goodwill has to offer, this electromechanical marvel is sure to revolutionize the living room of the house I am house sitting in.

The udcav is a device that I built in order to help me satisfy the requirements of a class I am taking. I never meant for it to have a very practical purpose, but it works like this:
An old color television picture tube is crammed into an 8 by 10 inch copy camera bellows. My trusty calumet 4x5 view camera is focused on the television screen through the bellows. When the view camera is loaded with film, I wont be able to see what is displayed on the TV screen, so on top on the whole thing, I have mounted a VCR, with a POS black and white TV on top of that. This way, I can watch the black and white "viewing screen" and hit the shutter release whenever I would like to capture the image. I am also in the process of attaching an oscilloscope so that I can also photograph the waveform of what the TV subject is saying, and a vectorscope, because they make pretty shapes.